our story

It all started with one very simple idea:


The clothes we wear, the bags we carry, the art we hang on our walls - how we spend our money tells the world what we care about.  Which means that the stuff we buy matters.  A lot.  

So:  what are we saying?

That t-shirt we can't live without started as a seed that grew into a plant that was tended, spun, woven, dyed, and sewn.  By people.  So when we put that t-shirt on, we're saying something about how we think those people should be treated.  As we tell our own stories - crafting our identities with the stuff we buy - we're either trampling on or building up the people who made that stuff. 

But ethical consumption is a daunting - not to mention confusing - prospect.  There’s just so much noise.  Fair trade!  Locally sourced!  Eco-conscious!  Sustainable!  There are buzz words everywhere, and we sense that we’re being marketed to and even misled, but most of us don’t have the resources, time, or energy to do the research necessary to cut through the clutter by ourselves.  And, if we're honest, we're afraid that socially conscious shopping will limit our options, empty our wallets, and cramp our style.

Fear no more.


Your short-cut to style-conscious, socially conscious shopping.  With each Edit, we'll bring you 5 ethically made items we think you'll love as much as we do.  Maybe it's 5 sustainable alternatives to the mainstream products you can't live without. Or 5 books, thought pieces, movies, or TV series that speak to the issues you care about.  With each Edit, we’ll cut through the clutter for you, elevating the things we think belong on your radar and giving you the real from people who love them.  People, like you, who aren’t willing to sacrifice ethics for aesthetics.  People who believe that it’s possible to do good and look good at the same time.  People who understand that there is power in numbers, strength in common ground.  Because although we sometimes forget it: 


We are Communelle.  A community of like-minded shoppers.  A place where you'll find fashion, beauty, home and kids products from brands that are excelling in their commitment to social responsibility, intellectual curiosity, creative innovation, and elevated design.  A collection of stuff you'll love that won't break the bank (or anyone's heart). A movement that will empower you to put your money where your heart is and speak up.

So let's do this thing. 

let's telL a better story with our stuff.

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