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The {Sarah} Edit

An avid product enthusiast, Sarah maintains a deep seated sense of hope that she will one day find the perfect combination of serums and lotions to bring her skin back to the glory days of high school when nary a wrinkle or blemish dared appear.  When it comes to her closet, Sarah is always on the lookout for pieces that are A) weird and B) won't make her feel like she's giving "the man" what he wants.  Usually you'll find her in some combination of white, black, and grey, sometimes donning a mysterious Mona Lisa smile like in this pic.  What is she thinking? What's in her cup?  She'll never tell.

When she's not writing about ethically made fashion and beauty products, you'll find Sarah hanging with her boyfriend and dog in their Highland Park 'hood, taking awkward photos of herself, or working her day job as an entertainment attorney at the company responsible for all the time we waste binge watching TV.

Without further ado, here are Sarah's five splurge-worthy picks:

1.  CATBIRD NYC, Twisted Stacker Ring, $64

2. VINTNER'S DAUGHTER, Active Botanical Serum, $185

3.  SAINT RITA PARLOUR, 5ml Roll-On Parfum, $40

4.  BEMBIEN, Harper Bag, $185

5. IMOGENIE + WILLIE, Drop Tee, $55


Twisted Stacker Ring

Photo by Catbird NYC

Photo by Catbird NYC

Don’t let the price trick you – though these are not super expensive, they ARE made of pure gold. Buy them in a smaller size to wear as midi rings or buy in your normal size to wear as you normally would. I love the way these look layered and worn together – they really make a statement even though they are so delicate alone. 

Like all of Catbird's pieces, these pretty rings are made in Catbird’s studio in Brooklyn from either recycled or fair-trade gold. Pure gold, not just gold plating, which means these little guys won't tarnish with every day wear--my personal pet peeve. 

In addition to their commitment to conflict free stones and fair trade gold, Catbird gives back.  A minimum of 1% of all of ALL Catbirds sales go to charities like the ACLU, the National Women’s Law Center, and Girl Up (you can see just how much is donated here).



Active Botanical Serum

Photo by Vintner's Daughter

Photo by Vintner's Daughter

OK. Here’s the deal. People seem to be freaking out about this new facial oil all over the internet. Into the Gloss is calling it the “facial oil to end all facial oils” and with that kind of press, who am I to poo-poo something that could apparently CHANGE MY LIFE. Histrionics aside, I finally caved and ordered the sample size to give it a whirl. And if it lives up to the hype? Well color my wallet $185 lighter because as someone who has struggled with various skin ailments for decades, I’m willing to pay up for a product that people are saying clears their acne up, rejuvenates dry skin overnight, and (the big one) fights aging. Maybe this will help me stop sending half my paycheck to Sephora every few months?  A girl can dream…

This oil is made from 22 organic botanicals by a literal vintner’s daughter. April Gargiulo.  Researching products that were safe to use during pregnancy, she was having to cross more and more of her beauty routine off the list - a worrying trend. Why not approach skin care the way we approach wine and hand select each ingredient the way a vintner would select her grapes? A fully organic product with no weird preservatives or ingredients with numbers attached to the end (peg/poly(1,2-butanediol)-52/32 dimethyl ether??????), this serum has the most recognizable ingredient list we’ve seen in a miracle product recently.


Harper Bag

Photo by @bembien (Instagram)

Photo by @bembien (Instagram)

Generally, my goal when dressing is to have an outfit that is either truly confusing and detestable to my fellow citizens, or that has a piece people love so much that they go out of their way to tell me about it.  I like to be polarizing I guess, and am a big fan of dressing ‘ugly chic.’  This Bembien bag solves the latter; people always comment on how interesting and pretty it is. The detail of the weave up close is really special--the basket fibers are so thin you can't help but appreciate the level of artistry (not to mention the amount of time it must have taken to make!)

These beauties are handmade by artisans in weaving communities around the world, from Bali to Morocco to Vietnam.  Bembien donates 10% of all proceeds to the nonprofit org, Nest, which is dedicated to the social and economic advancement of global artisans through supply chain transparency, sustainable business development, and widespread industry advocacy.


5mL Roll-On Parfum

Photo by Saint Rita Parlour

Photo by Saint Rita Parlour

If I had to guess what George Clooney's closet smells like, it would be this parfum.  A mix of rose, tobacco and whiskey, this heavy, mysteriously sweet, yet sharp scent works on both men and women.  If, like me, you've always wanted to be the person at a party who people ask "what is your perfume?!" (in a good way), Saint Rita Parlor's limited run parfum might be just what you've been looking for. 
Made with 18 rare, organic oils out of a workshop in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles, this small-batch parfum is certainly unique in a world of celebrities with 15 of their own mass-produced scents (I'm looking at you, Paris Hilton).  If you want to dip your toes before going all-in, Saint Rita Parlor offers a small, 5mL bottle for only $40 (okay, that's a lot for 5mL, but we're talking about smelling like George Clooney's closet here!)  We've been told that the creator only makes fragrance when he feels like it, so don't wait too long to check it out--the current batch might be his last. 


Drop Tee

Photo by Imogene + Willie

Photo by Imogene + Willie

If you know me, you know I rarely wear anything besides black, white and gray. A good white tee is sacrosanct to me--it’s dependable as part my favorite black jeans/black blazer combo for work, it's no fuss and ensures I’ll be feeling comfortable all day, and let’s face it--it’s just cool.  The fact that Imogene + Willie has invented one that's not too thin and not too long and not too see-through is just bringing me one step closer to my dream of having a full blown uniform where I just wear versions of the same thing every day.  Pro-tip: these are meant to be a boxy fit, so order accordingly!

Imogene + Willie’s tees are patterned, cut and sewn in the United States from premium American made fabric.  The Nashville-based creators dreamt of a company built around a strong sense of community and goods made in the USA. They also sell a lot of chic vintage on the site and what’s more environment friendly than reusing things that would otherwise end up in a landfill?