The {New Years 2018} Edit

1.  Ink+Volt, 2018 Planner – Signature Series, $40

2. Threads for Thought, Firefly Legging, $68

3. Pen & Post, Greeting Card, $6

4. Pact, Women's Undies, $23 

5. Interlink Publishing, Soup for Syria:  Recipes to Celebrate Our Shared Humanity, $30



2018 Planner – Signature Series

Photo by Ink + Volt ( @inkandvolt  // Instagram)

Photo by Ink + Volt (@inkandvolt // Instagram)

You say it every year.  This year, I'm going to get organized.  Well, this year, you're actually gonna do it.  And this mega planner from Ink + Volt is gonna help.

It has layouts that help you set yearly, monthly and weekly goals with a flexible system to move you forward toward actually achieving them. There are also weekly journal prompts for inspiration, and plenty of blank space so you can adapt the planner to your own life. No matter what you've got going on in your life this year, the Ink + Volt planner will help you stay sane. (We're two days in to using it and already feel like a calmer, more organized version of ourselves).

Made in the U.S.A. with rainforest friendly paper, soy based ink and a luxe vegan leather cover, this is a planner you can feel good about carrying everywhere.

Want to make your own?  Ink + Volt offers the option to download a PDF version of their signature planner's pages for $10, allowing you to bind them yourself.


Threads for Thought
Firefly Legging

Photo by Threads for Thought ( @threads4thought  // Instagram)

Photo by Threads for Thought (@threads4thought // Instagram)

We'd work out more, if only we had a really cute workout outfit.  That excuse won't work anymore, thanks to Threads for Thought's extensive line of workout wear, including tops, bras, and these perfect leggings, which we bought a couple months ago and haven't taken off (we also love their white tee, but we'll save that for another Edit).  We debated between including this style, the Firefly, which comes in a variety of great colors and has a medium rise, and the Betty, which only comes in three colors and has a flattering high rise, but this one won out because of the color options and the slightly less expensive price (the Betty is $74).  Both styles are made from recycled water bottles and brushed on both sides to create a super soft feel.

Threads for Thought was born in 2006 when recent college grads Leigh & Eric Fleet saw that the fashion industry needed to be more sustainable and wanted to do something about it. In the spring of 2007, they launched Threads for Thought with a small collection of tees made from eco-friendly fabrics with graphic designs inspired by causes that moved them.  Now they offer a complete line of both men's and women's active wear, from workout clothes to dresses loungy pants and hoodies.  A Certified B Corporation, Threads for Thought is committed to making fashion a force for good.


Pen & Post
Greeting Card

Photo by Pen + Post (@ penandpost  // Instagram)

Photo by Pen + Post (@penandpost // Instagram)

May 2018 be the year you stop calling your mom at 9pm on her birthday because you almost forgot. The year you say thank you to that incredible friend with a beautiful card and actual writing from your actual human hand!  Do these sound like unattainable feats?  Let Pen & Post help.  They've curated a selection of cards from a small group of highly-talented card makers from around the world which you can buy today, when you're at your most thoughtful, and then promptly forget about until the card you picked arrives in your mailbox two weeks before it needs to get to your mom (or dad or sister or friend -- they've got cards for every occasion and recipient).  With Pen & Post, you can spend a few minutes now and have all your greeting cards set up for the entire year. 

Founded by husband and wife team Cody and Katie Gibbs, Pen & Post wants to make the card-sending process as convenient as possible, without sacrificing the handwritten note.  Though they live in the same city now (they've been married 8 years and live in L.A. with their two young sons), Katie and Cody's relationship started long distance.  Handwritten letters were a way for them to communicate in a way that was slowed down, more thoughtful, and more intentional. With P&P, they're hoping to help us be more thoughtful and intentional, even when life gets busy.  We found the process of selecting cards to send on their beautifully designed site triggered our gratitude for all the people we love and who love us.  Which, we realized, is the whole point.


Women's Undies

Photo by PACT ( @wearpact  // Instagram)

Photo by PACT (@wearpact // Instagram)

What better way to make a fresh start this year than with your underwear drawer?  It's time to finally retire those undies you've been wearing since the Clinton Administration  (they'll work much better as cleaning rags now) and get yourself some sustainable skivvies from Pact.  They've got loads of options to choose from, from the Lace-Waist Thong (our fave), to adorable briefs and hipsters.  The fit is as good as any high-end department store brand without the hefty price tag. Plus, unlike those, these are made from 95% GOTS certified organic fair trade cotton. Your lady parts will thank you for the toxin-free environment.

The founders of Pact started with a big goal: to create the comfiest clothes in the world without destroying the earth or harming people. No toxic dies or pesticides are used in the materials that go into their clothing, and they partner with organizations that ensure the well-being of their workers, like Chetna Organic, a company that works with small and marginal farmers to improve their livelihood and makes farming a sustainable and profitable occupation. Who says your undies can't change the world?


Interlink Publishing
Soup for Syria:  Recipes to Celebrate Our Shared Humanity

Photo by  @yoyaarchitecture //Instagram

Photo by @yoyaarchitecture//Instagram

We first heard about Soup for Syria from the team at Bittersweet Monthly and were intrigued:  an all-star lineup of culinary celebrities from around the world (including Alice Waters, Anthony Bourdain and London's Yotam Ottolenghi) came together to support food relief efforts for displaced Syrians.  When it showed up under our Christmas tree (thanks, sis!), we were delighted, both to support the effort (all profits from the sales of the cookbook will help fund food relief efforts in Syria) and to make some tasty soup this winter.  The book itself is gorgeous--it's filled with stunning photographs of refugees--and the recipes are exotic but not overly complicated (or expensive to make) and are arranged by primary ingredient, with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.

The idea for the book came from cookbook author and photographer Barbara Massaad after she spent time in refugee camps in her home town of Beruit.  She and a friend started making soups for refugees, which inspired Massaad to call upon her chef and foodie friends to contribute recipes for a soup-themed cookbook.  If "cook more," "be more adventurous," or "fight hunger" are on your resolution list this year, this book will help you check that box.