The {Lauren} Edit

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The {Lauren} Edit

It all started with a pair of hole-y boots (not to be confused with a pair of holy boots, Lauren is still waiting on those).  Yes, they were from H&M, and yes they ended up with a hole in the toe after 6 months.  A pair of "leather" boots.  Of course, they weren't leather, and quite frankly they barely qualified as boots they were so poorly made.  And yet, Lauren owned them, and wore them, and felt proud of the fact that she only paid $9 for them.  That is, until the day she saw the hole and realized that literally the only thing she could do with these sad shoes was throw them in the trash.  They were too cheap to fix (how does one even repair a giant big toe-sized hole in a synthetic leather wedge?) and they couldn't be donated because they were in such bad shape.  Staring at these busted booties (which, by the way, weren't even that cute), Lauren couldn't believe she'd bought them in the first place.  She hated the concept of fast fashion!  She wanted thoughtfully made, well crafted things!  Most of all, she cared about people and how they were treated.  She cared a lot. But her shoes were telling a different story.

So she changed them. 

Two years later she shops differently -- no more H&M, no more cheap shoes -- and she's hoping that Communelle is helping you to shop differently, too.  

Today we've got a peak inside her closet (and drawers and cabinets) and a little peak inside her brain, too.  

1.   MILK AND HONEY TEES, Camo Pullover, $56

2.  JOSIE MARAN COSMETICS, Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Wand, $28

3. RIFLE PAPER CO., Terracotta Notebook, $15 

4. EMERSON FRY, Vegan Leather Leggings, $148

5. C&C CERAMIC, Padilla 16oz Mug, $14


Camo Pullover

Photo by @   milkandhoneytees    (Instagram)

Photo by @milkandhoneytees (Instagram)

Camo is my spirit pattern.  Maybe it's because I like to shape shift into different careers (ask me what I do for a living and you'll get one of four answers, all true, depending on the day).  Or maybe it's because someone once told me that I look good in "warm fall colors" and olive green is hipper than pumpkin orange and looks better with black.  Either way, I am a sucker for anything camo, and this sweatshirt combines two of my other loves--raw hems and slouchy pieces that can be paired with fancier things (like vegan leather pants) to convey a cool-but-not-trying-too-hard vibe.  This upgraded basic is made by Milk and Honey Tees, a family-owned, home-based business that sells ethically-made statement tees.  While my ideal sweatshirt would be 100% cotton, I can overlook the 35% poly in this one because Milk and Honey is committed to giving back.  A portion of each sale goes to Africa New Life's Dream Beauty Academy, a program that offers job training, childcare, and discipleship to vulnerable women in Rwanda. 



Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Wand

Photo by Josie Maran Cosmetics

Photo by Josie Maran Cosmetics

I will admit.  I am a Josie Maran super fan.  It all began with an adorable promo video for her Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil (something you should know about me:  I'm defenseless against aspirational advertising).  Now, at least half of my beauty products are Josie made.  Her signature 100% Argan Oil is my moisturizer and my remedy for split-ends, but this magic wand is my secret weapon.  A few swipes across my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose and I suddenly don't look like a tired, frazzled, overworked attorney/author/mommy.  I'm a goddess who slept 10 hours last night!  Which is exactly how I'd describe Josie Maran, the boss behind her eponymous skincare and makeup line.  Buying her stuff is a no-brainer for me--my skin has never looked better, and a commitment to fair trade practices, sustainably harvested ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging is in her (gorgeous) DNA. 


Terracotta Notebook

Photo by Rifle Paper Co.

Photo by Rifle Paper Co.

The writer in me needs a notebook within reach at all times.  The attorney in me wants that notebook to have some colorful design flair because everything in my office is either black, white, or grey. The mom in me knows that this notebook must also be relatively inexpensive because there is a 92% chance that some smushed banana or boogers will end up on the cover.  This beautiful design from Rifle Paper Co. checks all the boxes.  And, added bonus, there's something about this particular palm jungly pattern that inspires me.  I've filled this notebook faster than any other.  

If you frequent hipster coffee shops in L.A. like I do, you've no doubt seen a Rifle Paper Co. product on display.  Perhaps you've thought to yourself "I want to be a person who requires a really beautiful notebook, but alas, I'm not."  I'm here to tell you, YOU ARE.  We're all trying to live out all those good living buzz words, right?  Mindful!  Intentional!  Thoughtful!  Present!  What better way to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW than to jot whimsical thoughts into a whimsical journal that won't give you eye strain or leave you with an EMF-induced brain tumor.  I'm just sayin.'

P.S., Rifle Paper Co. is a Florida-based company whose paper products are printed in the USA (most locally in Florida) on FSC-certified paper stocks.


Vegan Leather Leggings

Photo by Emerson Frye

Photo by Emerson Frye

I understand that leather leggings aren't for everyone.  But guys, they're most definitely for me.  What other pant screams you thought my grungy grey tee shirt meant I was a slob but YOU WERE WRONG as well as a pair of leather leggings?  This vegan pair from Emerson Frye is less expensive and more ethical than cow leather but they feel -- and look -- just as luxe.  I raved about NYC-based Emerson Fry on our Winter Coat Edit (and have not stopped stalking their online shop since), so click back to read all the reasons we love this no-waste brand.  Then buy these leggings, stat, because they're frequently sold out (pro tip: they run true to size and they're supposed to be tight, so resist the urge to size up).


Padilla 16oz Mug

Photo by Sunland Home Decor

Photo by Sunland Home Decor

Coffee is a deep source of joy for me.  I can't explain it, but something about the act of drinking strong coffee (with cream, I'm not a savage) from a large mug makes me happy.  So happy, in fact, that sometimes I verbally thank my coffee for cheering me up (I never promised I wasn't weird, people).  Little did I know that for many years my morning dose of happy was coming to me in a toxic container.  Those oversized Starbucks mugs I loved so much?  Made with paints containing lead (the colorful ones) and cadmium (the glossy white). I don't want to dampen my edit with stats about toxicity, so I'll leave it to you to google after we're done, but suffice it say, these toxic metals are not your friends.  Lucky for all of us, there are plenty of non-toxic replacements, many of which are beautifully handmade by artisans.  My favorite design is the Padilla mug designed by Rodolfo Padilla, an accomplished ceramicist and sculptor who grew up in Argentina and studied in Japan.  His Padilla mugs (which are his original design but are now made by a company called C&C Ceramics in Mexico) are gorgeous works of art.  Best part?  Besides being lead- and cadmium-free, they're big.  For those of us who would mainline coffee if we could, these are a solid YASSSSSS.