The {Kayli} Edit

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The {Kayli} Edit

Say hi to Kayli, another face behind the Communelle brand. She loves sarcasm, Australian licorice, and people who aren’t what they seem—which is why she always orders a side of onion rings with her kale salad, just to keep ‘em guessing.

If you’re up for talking ethical fashion, politics, celebrity gossip, literary theory, and weeknight cooking in one convo, she’s your girl.

1. Krochet Kids, Pike Weekender Bag, $98

2. Noonday Collection, Birds of a Feather Earrings, $34

3. Le Creuset, Round Wide Dutch Oven, $300

4. TOMS, Avery Wedge in Black, $70

5. Schmidt's, Natural Deoderant Stick, Rose & Vanilla Scent, $9


Pike Weekender Bag

Photo by Krochet Kids

Photo by Krochet Kids

As you might notice from 3/5 items on this Edit, I love me some black. The only thing I'm more obsessed with than black is a black and white print--and if there's a little leather thrown in, JUST TAKE MY MONEY. So obvs, this is the bag of my dreams. And the best thing about owning a fabulous "weekender" bag is that when you purchase it, you are required to immediately book a weekend away. Done.

Krochet Kids--and a version of this very bag--was the company that started me on the journey that has become Communelle. KK works with highly vulnerable women who live in poverty stricken regions of the world, providing job opportunities with fair wages. Every item they sell comes with a little tag stitched inside with the name of the woman who made it. My bag was made by Katerine, and her sweet signature is my tangible daily reminder that an actual human person is behind most of what I buy. Knowing that my beautiful bag also contributed to a livable wage and dignified work for Katerine is a greater gift than even the best weekend away this bag has allowed me.




Birds of a Feather Earrings

Photo by Noonday Collection

Photo by Noonday Collection


I’m not a pearl earring type of girl, but I am a black leather gold-dipped feather earring kinda girl. And though I’ll be the first to admit that my wardrobe isn't exactly full of fashion risks, I do like to get a little funky when it comes to accessories. If you're just testing the waters of the big earring trend, these are a great starter option; they're so lightweight you won't even know you have them on--though you'll be reminded when everyone you talk to remarks on how ahmaazing they are. Honestly, I've probably gotten more compliments on these than any other jewelry I own, and it's so fun to tell people the story of the incredible women who make them.

Noonday Collection is one of my favorite companies for good reason-- they work with the world's most vulnerable communities, partnering with artisan businesses using fair trade practices, and empowering these companies to grow sustainably and create dignified jobs for people who need them. I'm currently eyeing these beaded beauties to add a dose of boho to my otherwise boring cutoffs and flip-flops this summer.


Round Wide Dutch Oven

Photo by Le Creuset

Photo by Le Creuset

When I was in my early 20s, I taught myself to cook. Or rather, The Food Network taught me. I watched the Barefoot Contessa religiously, coveting her colorful Le Creuset dutch oven (and her Hamptons abode). Whether she was artfully stirring soups and cream-laden sauces, or pulling a batch of red wine-braised short ribs out of the oven, I knew that someday I had to have one of those magic pots, too. But it wasn’t until years later, after suffering through the inadequacy of a cheap knock-off imposter dutch oven (#firstworldproblems) that I was gifted this beauty by my husband. (I also told him I want a house in the Hamptons like Ina, so hopefully he'll come through with that one, too.)

If you're a minimalist and want to own only a few culinary necessities, invest in one of these and a few good wooden spoons and call it a day. Even if you don't fancy yourself a chef,  you can open a can of chili, heat it up in your Le Creuset and carry it to the table like you've just won Top Chef and America's Next Top Model in a single evening. (Managed to burn your canned chili? Don't fretjust soak it for a few minutes with warm water and soap and voila! Nothing sticks to this beauty.)

I'm guessing you already know the Le Creuset brand; I'm not exposing you to a new local artisan here, but I will say they are a classic for a reason. Beautifully crafted in France of high quality cast iron and coated with durable, non-reactive enamel, these are your answer to how to keep those toxic, carcinogenic chemicals that non-stick pans produce out of your tasty braised short ribs...or canned chili.


Avery Wedge
$70 (on sale)

Photo by TOMS

Photo by TOMS

When I say I wear these every day, what I mean is: I WEAR THESE EVERY.DAY. I have them in black (but you knew this already), and they are the perfect bootie: go with everything, can read casual or dressy, and don't look like something your mom would wear. My day job includes lots of standing, and the rubber wedge heel is a dream—absorbing every step and stomp (what? you don't stomp around at work?). They're easily the most comfortable booties I've worn.

I know that TOMS is not a perfect company, and has even caused a certain amount of controversy over the years, mostly because their one-to-one model has come under some scrutiny. But if you're on a budget, or new to the ethical fashion sphere, TOMS can be a good place to start. Their business model really did revolutionize the way many companies think about social responsibility, and served as a catalyst for a more thoughtful model for many other corporations. TOMS tapped into the ethically-minded consumer ethos in a way that few companies had before them. That's a pretty amazing feat in itself. And they're still doing incredible work around the world, so if it's a choice between some random corporate shoe conglomerate and TOMS, I'm going with TOMS every time.

{Note: these beauties are no longer available on the TOMS website but you can still find them at a few retailers.  We're linking to the least expensive--Zappos--here!}


Natural Deodorant Stick

Photo by Schmidt's

Photo by Schmidt's

I'm definitely not 100% green in my beauty products, but there are certain things I feel strongly about and deodorant is one of them. I'll just admit up front that I'm not the girl who gets the "you smell so good" comment much. I'm not saying I smell bad, I'm just saying, I don't smell like perfume. Which is because I don't wear perfume, or products containing fragrances at all if I can help it.  Truth be told, I would rather smell a little sweaty than smell like "sea breeze", or whatever label the marketing department came up with for the cocktail of carcinogens that hide under the word "fragrance" on the label. Bottom line: traditional anti-perspirant is chock full of aluminum and carcinogens that we're rubbing directly into one of the most porous places on our body. Ick.

Ok, I'll step down from my (unscented) soap box now and just tell you that I've tried lots of natural deodorants and this is my fave. Plus its cheaper than most, and smells lovely in a natural kind of way (because the light scent comes from essential oils, not test tubes). All Schmidt's deodorants are free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens & phthalates and of course contain no artificial fragrance. Plus they're vegan and cruelty-free, if you're into that sort of thing (which I am).