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1.  THEO, My Cherry Baby 45% Milk Chocolate Bar, $4

2.  FARMGIRL FLOWERS, The Just Right Burlap Wrapped Bouquet, $68

3.  HIGH RUIN, Rose Garden Throw, $168

4.  CATBIRD, Angel Hair Tiny Diamond Stud Earrings, $196

5.  PACT APPAREL, Organic Cotton Jogger, $45



My Cherry Baby 45% Milk Chocolate Bar

Photo by @   theochocolate    (Instagram)

Photo by @theochocolate (Instagram)

For all those times you’ve thrown around the term “life-changing” in reference to a bite of incredible chocolate—here’s a bar that’s LITERALLY changing people’s lives. The sad reality is that the chocolate industry is rife with exploitation, child labor, and human trafficking. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Theo has built long-term relationships with sustainable, ethical farmers who provide all of their cocoa and are rigorously screened to ensure fair labor practices and full transparency in their supply chain. Every Theo purchase directly supports the livelihoods of over 5,500 cocoa farmers and their 30,000 family members, enabling farmers to send their children to school, feed their families, and reinvest in their communities. Not only is every cocoa bean they use organic and fair-trade certified, the other ingredients they put in their inventively flavored bars are unprocessed and wholesome (no   polyglycerol polyricinoleate or soy lecithin here!  Don't know what those are?  Don't google them.  Or do, and be prepared to stop eating that stash of Hershey's in your desk) . Cherry in chocolate ain't your thing?  Theo's got a flavor combination for every palate, so order a bunch and have a chocolate feast on your new rosy throw.



The Just Right Burlap Wrapped Bouquet

Photo by @   farmgirlflowers    (Instagram)

Photo by @farmgirlflowers (Instagram)

Rather than just stopping to smell the roses this V-Day, let's ask some questions about them. Like, why are we still ordering flowers that look like something our grandmother would have picked out for us in 3rd grade? From huge corporations with annoying websites and no real regard for the farmers or environmental impact of the products they sell?

It's time for a more ethical bouquet, courtesy of Farmgirl Flowers, a San Francisco-based company started by Christina Stembel in 2010 to offer a more socially conscious way to send stunningly beautiful flowers. Committed to building a business that honors the farmer behind the flower, creates jobs, and provides a superior product for the customer, Christina has grown Farmgirl exponentially in the last 7 years (check out all the press they’ve gotten!) Currently, 80% of their flower offerings are American-grown, and 100% are sourced from farms that pay living wages, avoid harmful chemicals, and have medical benefits for their workers. We especially love their burlap-wrapped bouquets, which are wrapped in recycled coffee sacks from local roasters—no more wasteful cellophane or cheesy vases that are just going to gather dust in the back of a cabinet somewhere. Here's to hoping some Farmgirl Flowers come knocking at our door this February 14th. 



Rose Garden Throw

Photo by @   girlintheworld    (Instagram)

Photo by @girlintheworld (Instagram)

Roses. Are the new flower. And outside is the new in. This garden bench throw, slash picnic blanket, slash bomber jacket turned home décor, is made even more amazing by its metallic leatherette accent. Roll it up like a sleeping bag, and throw it open when you’re ready to host a garden tea party. {Or when you just wanna look amazing with it wrapped around you on the couch.} P.S., if pink isn't your color, it also comes in a rad black.

We're so excited to introduce you guys to High Ruin, an edgy-chic home decor brand with a Victorian meets rock n' roll flare that just launched a few months ago in our hometown of Los Angeles.  Besides having a cool, unexpected aesthetic, High Ruin is helping to combat modern slavery so that victims can, in the words of founder and lead designer Drey Richter, "rise up out of the ruins of their past and set their feet on higher ground."  And they're putting their money where their heart is.  10% of the proceeds from sales of this throw will go directly to High Ruin's partners at Saving Innocence, a non-profit that serves, empowers and advocates for child victims of the illegal sex industry.



Angel Hair Tiny Diamond Stud Earrings
$196 (for two)

Photo by Catbird NYC

Photo by Catbird NYC

A jewelry essential: the sparkliest tiny diamond studs. These, from Brooklyn-based Catbird, are made with recycled white diamonds and fair trade gold.  They're sold as singles, to mix-and-match like the cool girls in Brooklyn do, or you can get two and wear them as an understated but classy pair.

Our first piece of Catbird jewelry was a super dainty gold ring that's now sandwiched between two others (these guys basically invented the ring stacking trend).  These sparkly studs feel like a natural follow-up (and, c'mon, if there is any holiday that calls for diamond earrings, it's Valentine's, right???)  And, best of all, we love not having to worry about how our bling was made.  Unlike so much of the mass produced jewelry in stores right now, all of Catbird's pieces are ethically made in their Brooklyn studio with recycled or fair-trade gold (they're a member of No Dirty Gold) and conflict-free stones.  

Not a piercings person?  They've got beautiful bracelets and necklaces, too!


Organic Cotton Jogger

Photo by PACT

Photo by PACT


Option 5: for those of us who are OVER IT. Reject this over- commercialized, social construct of a holiday and treat yourself to a great pair of sweats in protest. For way less than that overpriced prix fixe menu, you can sport these fair trade joggers (jogging NOT required) which you’ll cherish much longer than that 4th course, anyway. Spend the evening snuggling under the perfect cozy throw, watching an underrated rom-com (we recommend #10), and falling in love with your own company.

Made of 60% organic cotton and 40 % recycled polyester, these are your new daily pants—cozy enough for an all-night Netflix binge, but sporty enough show off your impeccable lounge style if any of your secret admirers decide to drop by unannounced.

For more about this fabulous company--and the perfect undies you need to wear under these pants--click back to our New Year's Edit.