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  1. MICKEY & JENNY, Suzette Wrap Dress, $188

  2. MIACODA, The RMG x MIAKODA 'Moon Child' Eco-friendly Cosmetic Case, $52

  3. DOLORES HAZE, Hasha Glitter Turtleneck, $107

  4. PAIGE, Hoxton Ankle Peg Skinny Jeans, $85

  5. JOYN, Malti Tribal Taupe Vegan Weekender, $83



Suzette Wrap Dress

Photo by Mickey & Jenny

Photo by Mickey & Jenny

Sky blue is not a color that we would normally choose for, well, anything. But this simple yet decidedly feminine wrap dress has us rethinking our monochromatic ways. That slit, you guys! We’re loving its flower petal vibe and how it sort of ripples to the floor. Maybe it’s more like a wave than a flower? Who cares, we love both. We also love that Mickey & Jenny (the brainchild of a powerhouse duo of two friends) make every garment they sell in their factory in California using eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics and dyes. In addition to the Suzette, they have several other event-ready dresses that are sure to make you the talk of the party.


'Moon Child' Eco-friendly Cosmetic Case

Photo by Miakoda

Photo by Miakoda

The only thing you need to know about this fab makeup bag is that it’s made from upcycled NYC billboards (yes, actual billboards that hung outdoors in New York City). This super durable vinyl material is extra easy to clean, which is key if you’re like us (i.e., pretty much guaranteed to forget to put the top on your tinted moisturizer before you throw it in your bag). Now that we’ve covered what it’s made of, let’s talk about how it’s made. This wild child was cut and sewn in NY, hand-stenciled by an actual human in NY, and adorned with a (you guessed it) hand-made pompom charm.

Haven’t heard of Miakoda? Neither had we, but now we can’t wait to try their line of comfy bralettes and lounge wear. We also want to steal their mission statement: “we want to let your mind rest in our garments, knowing that you haven’t supported any practices that harm our planet and its inhabitants!” Grab this bag and give your conscience a break.



Hasha Glitter Turtleneck

Photo by Dolores Haze

Photo by Dolores Haze

Is this pick completely random? Maybe. But now that Fall has officially fallen, an elbow length glittery turtleneck feels like exactly the right statement piece for a pre-event boozy brunch. Paired with the completely awesome must-have high waisted gems below (we are obsessed), this top communicates unfussy but a lil fancy, and who doesn’t want to be that? (Side note: if anyone was lucky enough to snag this plaid blazer before it sold out, we salute you and seriously envy how good you no doubt look it in).

Now let’s talk about NYC-based Dolores Haze. Their pieces are locally made in NYC at a small factory where workers receive health care benefits and are compensated on an hourly basis, rather than per item sewn. On top of that, every Dolores Haze collection incorporates some limited-edition items made from deadstock or vintage fabrics (including this turtleneck —it’s made from deadstock). The feminists behind Dolores Haze are trying to subvert the dominant narrative that says that “feminine” means pretty and passive with their edgy, confident pieces and a commitment to business practices that elevate women.



Hoxton Ankle Peg Skinny Jeans

Photo by Paige

Photo by Paige

Did we mention our obsession with these jeans? Not jeans like these, but this exact pair. Apparently, we’re not alone, because they’re already sold out in several sizes and not even for sale at most of our regular spots. So afraid was one of us that she might one day lose her pair that she bought a back-up pair just in case. The good news is, there are still a few sizes available and they are on sale for $85 (original retail price is $239). The bad news is, the only places were could find them were Shopbop and, both of which are owned by Amazon (why is this problematic? You can catch up here).

Paige jeans founder Paige Adams-Geller launched her namesake brand in 2004 and was the industry’s first female founder. Her super stylish jeans are made in Los Angeles and while they’re pricey, the pairs we own don’t stretch out. Which is good, because we’ve been wearing this particular pair every day for… we lost count.


Malti Tribal Taupe Vegan Weekender

Photo by JOYN

Photo by JOYN

Confession: we thought we were too savvy for a “Weekender.” Wouldn’t our small, prudently black roller suitcase do the trick? NOT IF WE WANT TO LOOK COOL IT WON’T. But the Weekender isn’t just for looking like a jet-setter. It’s practical, too. It’s exactly the right size for a three-days-two-night jaunt to anywhere, and it’s flat bottom design means your stuff will stay organized (okay, unless you’re like us and you dig through it like you're looking for a retainer in a garbage bin). Plus, you can feel really good about buying it (and carrying it). JOYN partners with locally owned and managed cooperatives to keep manufacturing at a community level with the goal of transforming people and places with sustainable business. JOYN’s founder, Mel Murray, also started and leads JoyCorps - a non-profit dedicated to serving entrepreneurs who choose to live and work among marginalized communities.  Want to join her on the ground in Thailand or India? Now you’ve got exactly the right bag to bring with.